So I am talking to you (yes you)

I am taking an online blogging class and today’s assignment is to write a post for my ideal audience and include a new to me element in it.

Now this is tricky, since I am not completely sure who I am writing for. When I first created this blog, I thought my audience would be parents of autistics who were looking for a way to understand their children. And my perspective as the parent of an autistic child as well as an autistic adult would hopefully help. But it seemed so limiting. And I have so many different interests and experiences that don’t fit in a neat little box.

So let’s try this:
I am a geek. And this is a welcome to my fellow geeks on the web.


A geek isn’t a nerd. Nerds are smart in traditional subjects while geeks tend to lean toward unique topics such as writing in Elvish, or speaking Klingon, or designing electronics.
A geek isn’t a dork. Dorks are often inept or dumb. Geeks aren’t dumb, but they often appear to be that way since they often do not focus on normal things like coming in out of the rain, or stopping at stop signs.

There are female geeks and I am one. Yes they exist. They do like men (or other women) and romance. No they may not like traditional ‘female’ items such as shoes or purses or they may. One size does not fit all.

I like math and science. But not all geeks do. Being a geek doesn’t mean just math and science and IT.

Geeks are popular now. Used to, people talked to us only when they needed something like fixing their computer or setting up their stereo. Now, people ask if what they see on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ really exists. (It does, believe me)

So if you are a geek. Welcome to the club. We are having fun, it’s just OUR kind of fun.

If you aren’t a geek but know one, send them our way. We will support them and make them feel welcome.


3 thoughts on “So I am talking to you (yes you)

  1. You really never know who you will be talking to. My blog is completely unrelated to what I do for a living. I’m an Educational Assistant who works with Autistic Teenagers. See? You never know!

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