October 6 – Strengths of Aspergians

For all of the stories of living in an NT world, there are strengths to having Aspergers…

Skill Level

    Many people with Aspergers are very good in a specific area such as science, math, or the arts. It could be computers, history, or woodworking. Not all Aspergians are good at science as stereotypes might suggest. Whatever they choose, they will have a passion for it. Tidbit: My son loves Mindcraft and is very good at it. He shows the family the complex worlds he has completed and attends game nights at the library with others who also enjoy the game

Detail Oriented

    Have an Aspergian who likes to read and has good grammar to proof your blog, they will find typos, missing punctuation, and run on sentences. Fields such as software testing are good for some Aspergians. Tidbit: I have worked in the Quality Assurance/Software Testing field for several years and enjoy it greatly.

Little Professors

    When you meet a young Aspergian for the first time, it helps to know their interests in order to interact with them. Once you start on a topic they know about, just sit back and listen. They often are called ‘little professors’ based on the depth of knowledge they have on the topic and how they present that knowledge, much like a lecture. Tidbit: For my son, his topics are Mindcraft, Anime, and Japanese collectable cards. For me, my topics are Star Trek – The Original Series and Ancient Egypt.

More Logical, Less Emotional

    Aspergians often come across as emotionless, with flat expressions. We do have emotions, often very strong ones, but often don’t know the correct way to express themselves. Aspergians often concentrate in scientific/logical fields such as the sciences or engineering since those fields follow established rules (one plus one always equals two – at least in base 10). Fields that are not as appealing would be psychology where the rules seem to change based on interpretation. Or Sales, where being able to read human expressions and reactions is key. Tidbit: I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. It was only in engineering school that I felt that I truly belonged.

Less Concern about people’s opinions

    After years of not fitting in, many Aspergians often don’t care about other’s opinions. Or they never cared at all. They have never gotten the attention, so they are accustomed to not receiving it. So they often don’t care if they hair is too long, too short, not combed, etc. They haven’t a clue what the latest fashion is and really don’t care. And they don’t understand why it matters. Tidbit: In middle school, I had a growth spurt and my favorite pair of pants were now above my ankles at a time when that wasn’t the fashion. It was pointed out to me with the phrase ‘Planning to cross a river today?…’ I had NO clue what was wrong.


    Yes, many Aspergians are very blunt. We are simply telling you what we think or what is going on with fluff or fuss. Tidbit: I can be terribly blunt but have learned, especially with a teenage daughter, just not to say some things at all.

2 thoughts on “October 6 – Strengths of Aspergians

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  2. I am constantly inspired by people who are able to see the positives in situations that could easily be viewed as hardships. Thank you for sharing your story, Mary Jo!

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