Happy Holidays, will yours be bright?


I have a love/hate relationship with the Christmas season. It is supposed to be ‘the happiest time of the year.’ Yet for me, it rarely is. Not due to money spent, but more for the lack of healthy relationships with close family members.

So all of those commercials or movies of everyone dressed nicely, gathered together, no issues, seem really fake to me.

I have a mother who will not speak to me. I have in laws that tell my family that they don’t want to get out much, yet we see all of their activities on FB.

Family? I am of the opinion that true family is what we create, what we knit together with human kindness. Those we value, those we support. Those who were there with us at our messiest and didn’t walk away. Instead they waded right in with us.

This holiday season, celebrate your family, whether of blood or emotion. Let them know now how you value them. And may your days be bright.


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