A glimmer, a possibility

I listen to podcasts to catch up on radio shows that I missed. I just listened to one that gave me some hope and perhaps, a hint on the direction I could take myself.

I have a son with Aspergers who will be turning 18 in December, graduating next May. And I am concerned with what he will do after high school. The concern or worry sits in my soul like a dark glob that I can control most of the time, but appears now and then, especially in the middle of the night or when I am low.

Today’s podcast was about jobs for the autistic, mostly high functioning autistics. The program showcased is in Europe, but is spinning up programs in the US. It was heartening to hear some good news about autism.

And it inspired me to look into helping that effort. It would be a good way to help my son and others. It is a daunting thought right now. We need my income, especially for the medical benefits. So right now it is an idea, a dream.

But it is better to have one than to muddle through without one.


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