Let’s get started

I am in a program to encourage ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and be Great and the key is to start, to take action.

My action is to actually post in this blog that I created quite a while ago.

And so I begin.

I would say that stepping out of my comfort zone would be to admit that a great fear of mine, in raising a special needs child, is the fear that I haven’t done the right things to help him.

Have I missed some treatment, some doctor, something that would help him?

Have I done too much and not allowed for his own personality to overcome these issues?

Am I truly recognizing him for who he is, not who I want him to be?

And given that he has a younger sibling who is ‘normal’, how often has that sibling resented the  time used for their special needs brother?


I believe all parents ask questions of themselves about how they are doing and if their actions reflect what is best for their child or the parent’s vision of their child. However, given that parents of special needs children often are more involved for a longer period of time, I suspect their questions may be deeper or harder to answer.


So now it the time to kick those fears to the curb.

I cannot change what I did or didn’t do in the past, only learn from those experiences and move forward.

My son is an independent person and does/will control how he handles his issues and the best thing I can do is encourage him to be a thoughtful, resourceful young man. I need to not tie him down with society’s pre-conceived notions of what a person with Autism can and cannot do.

I need to begin again.


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